ADDRESS: 23225 Hwy 88 / Clements, CA 95227          PHONE: (209) 759-3850          EMAIL:

Welcome to Clements Ridge Produce!


We are a family-owned business operating in the Central Valley of California. What started as a small fruit stand in a field of strawberries has grown into a full scale farm store serving a variety of baked goods, specialty food, and of course fresh produce. We love interacting with and getting to know our customers so come by and say hi!



We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish since founding Clements Ridge in 2006. Learn more about our story and how to get in contact with our staff!

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Curious what we carry? We offer a number of our products online for purchase for those who can't wait until the next visit or want to share our good with friends and family out of state!

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